Walkerworld is an organically evolved sprawling log cabin on the Northeast Cape Fear River just ten minutes from Wilmington, NC. 

Situated on 10 acres, the property includes a large organic garden, boat dockage, a rope swing, a 40x40 "Garage-Mahal" and a 500 sq. ft guest house.

Surrounded by large oaks, it is very private with twice the glass for dynamic light transitions throughout the day. 


Originally a small log cabin—with life, children, and the natural evolution of things—we are now a little over three thousand square feet. The sixty foot rowing scull that pierces each end of the house is exposed upside down along the main interior ridge of the cabin is spectacular, floating in the thirty-five foot void of the main salon. Excluding the original cabin everything has been reclaimed or bought salvage less plumbing and wiring.